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four ways to wear stripes


There are certain trends which come and go, but then there are the trends that somehow turned into wardrobe staples. I’m not just talking a classic white shirt or that perfect leather jacket, but the prints and patterns that have stood the test of time.

Stripes may ring alarm bells but, done right, they can be super flattering! Here’s four ways to style stripes this summer, the Posh Rock way…

1. The shirt dress

I can’t overstate how much I love a shirt dress. There is just something incredibly sexy about them, in a ‘this-is-my-boyfriend’s-shirt-that-I-just-threw-on’ sort of way. (They’re also great if you’re not in the mood for a bodycon). Go with something like this number from Topshop Boutique which you can pull in to suit your shape and accentuate the waist. This look is so versatile, great for the office or a lazy lunch in the Med!

2. The wide-leg trouser

An easy mistake to make with stripes is over-doing it. All it takes is a few too many accessories or a jacket that’s too loud and you can spoil the whole look. These wide-leg trousers are perfect for summer and super flattering. Team with a simple white t-shirt – the perfect example of when less really is more.

3. The maxi dress

A maxi dress is the ultimate, ready-to-wear piece. Yet sometimes, we can make the mistake of picking something that swamps us. Try and opt for something a little more figure-hugging in the body, with a halter neck style (like this one). The A-line skirt provides shape and gives you room to move. I’ve worn my hair down here but try a top-knot and some dangly earrings to transform this look from day to night.

4. The non-stripe

Stripes don’t always have to mean giant, horizontal, wrapped-around-your-body stripes. I love this dress because it touches on the trend in a slightly more subtle way, plus the asymmetric lines are also a little bit different.

The word ‘bodycon’ may fill many of you with dread but it’s all about finding a shape or style that works for you, that sits just right, and that makes you feel confident. It’s not necessarily about size, or age, so please, don’t be deterred – if I can do it, so can you!

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